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The History of Our Logo

Posted October 10, 2020 9:41PM

In 1984 an Artist was commissioned to create our Logo. He visited our plant and talked to Tom Coss, our President at the time. He was impressed with the technology and its protective importance to the products being plated. As an art student from the Royal Academy of Art in London he had studied armour plating at the Tower of London and the Wallace collection in London. So from his sketchbook he formulated our Logo based on his early drawings.

Stewart Wavell-Smith. Wavell-Smith, meaning Weapon Smith in German, worked for Sandia National Laboratories as an artist on National Security for ten years during the Reagan administration. He left to start his own business and can be reached at The Logo lives on with our philosophy of protecting our customers’ products and being the best Customer Service Company. Tom Coss retired and Tracey Coss is now owner and CEO of SCPCI.