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Specializing in color anodizing, we offer color matching services to ensure an exact and consistent match to your requirements.

We offer Type II (Sulfuric) and Type III (Hard) Anodize. Whether your job is done to the most stringent aerospace, semiconductor or medical specifications, or is a fast-turn, rack-and-run job, you will benefit from our anodize process control which includes careful, lot-by-lot acceptance testing and monthly testing for corrosion resistance (salt spray), coating weight and abrasion resistance (taber test). We use a computerized anodize control process and RoHS compliant dyes. Our dedicated masking department can meet the most exacting selective anodizing requirements. For corrosive environments, we offer both hot DI water seal and nickel acetate seal as a post-anodize option.

It’s easy to match paint to paint or dye to dye using FED-STD-595 and Pantone color charts. It’s not so easy to match the color of an anodized surface to a paint finish or to a color molded into a plastic part. We have a computer controlled anodizing process, a wide selection of dyes, and the years of experience required to accurately control anodizing color. We also specialize in tactical finishes for military and law enforcement applications. With our customer-oriented approach to Sales Engineering there is no guesswork or risk, and consistent results are guaranteed.

We offer certification to:

MIL-A-8625 Type II, Class 1 (Clear)

MIL-A-8625 Type II, Class 2 (Colored)

MIL-A-8625 Type III, Class 1 (Clear)

MIL-A-8625 Type III, Class 2 (Colored)

We are an approved supplier for:

Loral Space Systems E88-3009

Beckman Coulter DD3009

New Focus 01-005

Princeton Instruments 15386-A-SP

Rockwell Collins 580-0008

Titan M357500098

ASML GSA 08 2410

We offer these standard colors:

Black OA,   Black MLW,   Blue A,   Red Bordeaux RL,   Grey NLN,

Gold,   Golden Orange,   Orange,   Desert Sand (Tactical)

We also offer the following non-standard colors (non-standard colors require a dye setup fee):

Neon Pink,   Violet 3D,   Fiery Red,   Copper,   Bronze,   Brown,   Grey HLN,  Grey R,   Grey BL

Olive Bronze/Brown,   Turquoise,   Yellow 3GL,   Foliage Green (Tactical),   Green

If you don’t see the color you need, send us a sample. Matching your color is our specialty.

Add a Teflon® Coat or Hot DI Water Seal

Unlike “impregnation” processes, our Teflon® bonding process produces a continuous layer of Teflon® bonded to the anodized part surface, providing significantly greater lubricity and corrosion resistance. Our Teflon® bonding process is superior to “Teflon® Impregnation.” Since Teflon® particles are much larger than the pore diameters in anodize coatings, Teflon® impregnation only yields a layering of Teflon® in the depression irregularities of the anodized surface. We offer certification to: MIL-A-63576, Type I.

Sealing increases the resistance of the anodic coating to staining, increases the resistance to corrosion, and improves the durability of colors produced. Usually, dyed coatings are sealed in Nickel Acetate seal due to it’s ability to reduce color leaching during the sealing process (when compared to Hot DI Water seal baths). Hot DI Water seal is often used for clear Type III coatings in applications for which low particle contamination is important. Any type of sealing will reduce the abrasion resistance properties of anodize coatings. So, in the case of colored Type III coatings, a procurement decision must be made as to the primary function: abrasion resistance or color longevity. 


Maximum Size & Weight
Minimum Charge
Height Width Front to Back Weight RoHS*
Anodize Type II (Sulfuric)
MIL-A-8625 Type II, Class 1 (Clear) 
MIL-A-8625 Type II, Class 2 (Colored) 
(Please note that price shown is
for minimum thickness.
For higher thicknesses, please ask for quote.)
$60 32”29”22”25 lbsYes
Anodize Type III (Hard Coat)
MIL-A-8625 Type III, Class 1 (Clear) 
MIL-A-8625 Type III, Class 2 (Colored) 
(Please note that price shown is for minimum thickness (.0005″). For MIL-SPEC default (.002″) or other higher thicknesses, please ask for quote.)
$8032”29”22”25 lbsYes
Teflon® Coat
MIL-A-63576, Type I
$7524”15”12”25 lbs Yes
Boiling DI Water Seal
Please ask for quote.
32”29”22”25 lbs Yes

*About RoHS Compliance

Santa Clara Plating Co., Inc. is an RoHS-compliant facility. Processed parts will be RoHS-compliant unless otherwise noted in the Price Table. Explanation of the RoHS compliance notes in the Price Table follows:

  • “No” – Processed parts will not be RoHS compliant due to coating chemistry.
  • “Check” – Check with our Quality Department to determine if your part will be RoHS compliant. We will check for issues with solution entrapment and other design concerns. We can also help with your design to ensure RoHS compliance.
  • “Yes” – Your parts will be RoHS compliant.