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Frequently Asked Questions

RoHS Compliance
Are your processes RoHS compliant?

Yes, the majority of our processes are RoHS compliant. For more detailed information, we have dedicated a page to this subject. Please look under About, RoHS Compliant Metal Finishing.

Color Samples
I must match a particular shade of a particular color. How do I know you can do it?

We will process sample parts to your color sample, free of charge to you. It’s part of the service. We want to ensure that we will be able to meet your requirements.

Unusual Specifications
My parts must be finished to comply with the customer’s peculiar spec. How do I know if your processing will comply with it?

It is our policy to inspect or test parts we have processed to whatever specification(s) the customer will use to determine acceptability.

Complex Requirements
I have complex requirements with multiple processing operations required. How do I know that you can provide uniform work instructions from lot to lot?

Our computer database shop work and scheduling system was developed to meet our specific requirements. Work instructions are exactly the same from lot to lot, until you change them.

Process Control
My parts are very expensive to make. How do I know that your shop is in good enough condition to ensure they will not be damaged by your processing or handling?

We have our own in-house laboratory and full-time process control staff that uses statistical control chart techniques to maintain process baths to tighter limits than those recommended by the chemical manufacturers. We have a mature (15 year plus) quality program which measures our quality performance over a variety of parameters and can demonstrate continuous improvement. We have a full-time maintenance department with its own workshop and tools to promptly respond to equipment problems and assure minimum downtime. Maintenance tasks are tracked by our in-house work order system which keeps all affected parties in the communication loop.

I hear about metal finishers getting into compliance trouble. How do I know that your plant is compliant?

Our compliance record is exemplary. The company President takes personal responsibility for maintaining all aspects of compliance.

Capital Investment
My manufacturing equipment is very expensive and must be constantly upgraded in order for me to remain competitive. What are you doing to keep your equipment up to date?

Our capital investment rate is twice the metal finishing industry average. We are constantly upgrading to improve quality, throughput, and compliance.

Going Green
Does your plant utilize “green” technologies?

We routinely employ pH and conductivity controlled counterflow rinsing, DI water throughout our plant, selective evaporation, ion exchange rinse water recycling, dragout recovery/reuse and other pollution prevention technologies. We were the first in our region to employ many of these technologies. We have statistics that demonstrate steadily decreasing waste generation per sales dollar over many years.