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Services offered to enhance applicable metal finishing processes include abrasive blasting, baking, and special inspection & testing to your requirements.

Abrasive Blasting produces a satin (matte) finish with no dimensional change of the blasted item. Blasting is performed to provide a non-reflective and cosmetically appealing surface quality. Further, minor imperfections such as machining lines and material grain can be made less apparent by diffusion of reflected light. Reflected light diffusion is critical in many law enforcement and military tactical, optical, medical/surgical, and laser applications. We offer two choices of blast media: glass bead or aluminum oxide.

We have two ovens to keep up with your demand for baking. Baking is utilized for different purposes, including embrittlement relief, adhesion and curing. Electroplating processes take place in an aqueous solution, and hydrogen gas is liberated at the cathode as the current flow supplies electrons to the hydrogen ions in solution. When hydrogen enters hardened steel, it can cause a loss of ductility, a loss of load carrying ability, and/or microscopic cracks and failures at applied stresses below the normal design strength of the steel. Steels that have been heat-treated to a hardness of Rockwell C31 or higher are at greatest risk of embrittlement. During pre-electroplating, the cleaning and certain pickling solutions are also apt to introduce hydrogen into the steel. The accepted method to alleviate hydrogen embrittlement is a process called relief baking or embrittlement relief baking. The process typically requires baking be done immediately after processing. Baking can also be used to accelerate cure of Teflon coatings and to cure some types of maskants. Adhesion baking can be used to improve adhesion of electroless nickel plated parts.


Maximum Size & Weight
Minimum Charge
Height Width Front to Back Weight RoHS*
Abrasive Blast (Bead Blast)
Glass Bead or Aluminum Oxide
$9020”36”20”25 lbsYes
Bake/Heat Treat for Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief$15032”38”18”50 lbsYes
Clean (to remove part mark, ink, tape or other adhesive) $60
Special Inspection
Alodine Test 
Passivate Test 
Seal Test 
Stain Resistance Test
Thickness Test
Tape Adhesion Test
Tank Analysis
Certification $5
Regular Price + 100% Premium
Plating to Gage
Requires greater than minimum lot charge. Please ask for quote.
Same as Plating Charge for Process
Pick Up & Delivery
FREE within our service area

*About RoHS Compliance

Santa Clara Plating Co., Inc. is an RoHS-compliant facility. Processed parts will be RoHS-compliant unless otherwise noted in the Price Table. Explanation of the RoHS compliance notes in the Price Table follows:

  • “No” – Processed parts will not be RoHS compliant due to coating chemistry.
  • “Check” – Check with our Quality Department to determine if your part will be RoHS compliant. We will check for issues with solution entrapment and other design concerns. We can also help with your design to ensure RoHS compliance.
  • “Yes” – Your parts will be RoHS compliant.