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Proprietary precision masking capability provides repeatable compliance with non-standard masking dimensions and requirements.

Modern high-tech products often require a mix of properties that can only be achieved by application of more than one metal finishing process to the same part (selective processing). Selective processing requires a unique combination of metal finishing, management, and organizational skills that is the everyday standard in our shop. Precision masking enables the application of different, often incompatible, processes to the same part.

Our full-time, full-capability Masking department is staffed with experienced operators who utilize an extensive variety of standard masking devices as well as custom-designed proprietary materials, under the direction of our Quality Engineer. Our mature First Article processing procedure assures that selective processing, including masking, is effective and that work instructions are developed and stored in our database shop work order system. These capabilities of our customer service assure that production articles will receive precise and repeatable processing every time, no matter how complex or difficult.


Maximum Size & Weight
Minimum Charge
Height Width Front to Back Weight RoHS*
$7525 lbs Yes

*About RoHS Compliance

Santa Clara Plating Co., Inc. is an RoHS-compliant facility. Processed parts will be RoHS-compliant unless otherwise noted in the Price Table. Explanation of the RoHS compliance notes in the Price Table follows:

  • “No” – Processed parts will not be RoHS compliant due to coating chemistry.
  • “Check” – Check with our Quality Department to determine if your part will be RoHS compliant. We will check for issues with solution entrapment and other design concerns. We can also help with your design to ensure RoHS compliance.
  • “Yes” – Your parts will be RoHS compliant.