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Santa Clara Plating Co., Inc will process your prototypes and samples at no charge. Our experienced staff will assist you in the selection of just the right process to fit your product application.

We are experienced in development of custom anodize finishes to match Pantone charts and Fed Std paint chips.

We also understand the trade offs between coating performance parameters such as corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and micro hardness. Our expertise in development of custom finishes, and in the performance of complex multiple operation jobs, provides customers with a sophisticated capability to accomplish difficult and complex finishing tasks.

If your product requires different finishes on the same or different surfaces, we can help. As a result of our in-house design and fabrication experience, you can rest assured that efficient and effective specialized tooling and masking devices will be developed for your products in those cases where off-the-shelf tooling or masking devices are not adequate.

When your customized process is approved, our database shop order system will ensure that the processes and methods developed in the quoting, prototype and First Article process will be precisely executed when production orders are received. Our database system also ensures that our customers are consistently charged the prices they have been quoted.